Direct Sell with Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes


and Reach Your Financial Goals!

 Why Yankee Rubs and Sauces and Mixes? SCS BBQ LLC offer products that are unlike ANY products on the market today. Our Rubs (mixture of spices) are made with fruit pieces, along with the finest ingredients. Cooking with fruit has never been so easy. Find out why families choose Yankee Products to cook every night and also why restaurants, bars and grills are cooking their creations with Yankee Products and serving their customers something new and fresh!
Our special Blends of Spices makes any meal that much better.  When you Cook-Grill and even Smoke with Yankee Rubs, the fruit pieces caramelize with the wonderful spices and will give that WOW factor to your friends and family

 40 % or MORE in Profits

    No Pyramid Tiered Pricing

No Recruiting

No Quotas

100% Training and Support!


So why Direct Sell with Yankee Rubs, Spices and Sauces? 

Because unlike other “Direct Sale Companies” that sell spices, food, makeup, or even cleaning products, SCS LLC will be at your side every step of the way. We will help you sell and make profits. When you purchase one of our “Starter Kits” we will send you a CODE in which you have access to Sales and Marketing” tips to help you achieve success. In this “Member’s Page” along with our successful Sales and Marketing tips, you will have access to our Whole Sale Pricing. Wholesale prices are only for our “SCS Members, and these prices are significantly lower than our already low online prices. Our “Member’s Site”  will also offer Sales Tools, Apparel, and even a blog to make your Direct Sales experience easy and fun.

 So are you looking for something new? Are you tired of having home party after Home party? Are you tired of selling to the same friends and family? 

Purchase one of our packages and start your new venture. SCS BBQ LLC will help you along the way. We will show you how it’s done and the best part is that you will make 40% or better by selling our wonderful products, and OBTW, there is no competition. 

Amanda Bethanie


These products are new and Original and businesses and sales professionals are taking advantage of this new and wonderful opportunities! See why people are loving the tastes and they are coming back for more and more time after time. 

Are you worried about Quality? 

Sweet Carol Swine BBQ is dedicated to Quality to our products. We only use the finest spices and ingredients to manufacture our rubs and sauces and all of our products are proudly made in THE USA! 


SCS BBQ LLC offers 3 “Starter” packages: 

Small Starter Kit 

4 3.5 Yankee Fruit Rubs 

4 15 oz Yankee Fruit Rubs 

4 3.0 oz Yankee Savory Rubs 

4 13 oz. Yankee Savory Rubs 

4  12 oz. Wind/SCS Fruit Finishing Sauces 


*Variety Fruit and Savory rubs added unless specified in notes during purchase* 




Med Starter Kit 

8 3.5 Yankee Fruit Rubs 

8 15 oz Yankee Fruit Rubs 

8 3.0 oz Yankee Savory Rubs 

8 13 oz. Yankee Savory Rubs 

8  12 oz. Wind/SCS Fruit Finishing Sauces 


*Variety Fruit and Savory rubs added unless specified in notes during purchase* 





Large Starter Kit 

All 7 3.5 oz Yankee Fruit Rubs 3pcs (21 total) 

All 7 15 oz Yankee Fruit Rubs 3 pcs. (21 total) 

All 5 3.0 oz Yankee Savory Rubs 3 pcs (15 total) 

All 5  13 oz. Yankee Savory Rubs 3 pcs (15 total) 

All 6  12 oz. Wind/SCS Fruit Finishing Sauces3 pcs. (18 pcs total) 



*all prices include shipping* 





Thank you for considering Sweet Carol Swine BBQ LLC for your next business adventure. 

To request custom flavors for your kit, please contact us  


Melissa Ellis  

Direct Sales Manager 

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