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Why Fundraise With Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes

Grow your Sales and Profits

Sweet carol Swine BBQ LLC and Yankee Rubs , Sauces and Mixes are part of a billion dollar industry that have helped hundreds of non-for-profit organizations meet and exceed their fundraising goals


5 Reasons your Fundraiser Will Succeed with Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes

1. Fast Return

A group can reach their goal in no time! With a 40% profit margin, it will take less time to reach your goals!


2. Profitable Industry with Strong Participation

Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes are a propriety items which there are no other spices, sauces and mixes anywhere.


3. Quick Processing and Delivery and Freshness

Most if not all of your orders are made fresh to order. Depending on your location SCS BBQ LLC can have your orders completed soon after the order was completed.


4. The ONLY Manufacturer in the USA

We are the ONLY company that manufactures Spices with fruit pieces, which will give you and your customers a wonderful item to sell and purchase. While you’re selling your Fruit Spice Rubs, not only is your organization profiting 40% or more, your customers are getting a wonderful new spices that families will enjoy meal after meal.
All products are proudly crafted in Rochester, NY.


5. It’s Practical, Tasty, and so Delicious

Parents, friends & community members have the opportunity to a wonderful new taste in our products. Proven to sell, proven for reoccuring sales, and proven to be loved by the families with our fruit products, Everyone wins!
Just contact us for details!