Grilled Lobster Tail


When it comes to the special times where you want to cook something nice for your honey, here is a nice recipe with everyone’s favorite, Lobster.

Set up your grill for and indirect grill ~ 250-300′

Clean your grate and apply cooking spray over the grate

rinse tails under water

Using Sharp kitchen scissors,Cut tails to expose the lobster meat, right down the center long ways (be careful)

Clean out tail, and rinse with cold water, pat dry

rub a little olive oil over the meat

Sprinkle you Favorite Yankee Rub (chef’s recommendation Yankee Peach)

Place tail on the part of your grill where there are no coals and cover

occasionally  check on the tails but when there is no more pink and the tails seem to be curling your done. Use a sharp knife to look into the meat so make sure you are cooked through

OH….this is real good!