Grilled Salmon on Cedar Plank


For all of you Salmon lovers here is an easy way to grill Salmon on the Grill. But 1st lets pick our planks.:

Cedar wood: bold

Alder: Mild , mellow flavor

Cherry: rich, bright (chef’s recommendation)

Hickory: strong and Smokey

Maple: mild and sweet

These planks can be purchased at most cook wear stores, hardware stores or grilling stores.

OK…start your coals(NO LIGHTER FLUID) for a med. heat. Use about 1/2 the coals you generally use. I have Tel Tru Thermometers on my grills , so I’ll set my direct ¬†grill (separating the coals on the bottom evenly) to about 250-275. In the mean time you should be soaking your plank in clean water for about 1/2 hour.

Cut your Salmon into steak sizes…just rub a little olive oil on the steaks and apply Yankee Cherry (chef’s recommendation) to the steaks, making sure the cherry pieces coat the fish.

Apply plank on Hot grate for about 5-10 mins so the plank gets hot. Place your steaks on the hot planks, cover the grill and grill/smoke for about 15-20 mins until the salmon is cooked.

Wait until you see the cherry glaze of this beautiful fish!