Goose Breasts


If you have hunters in your family then you know how good Goode meat is. Goose Breast is so good and eats like a cube steak. Goose is also easy to cook with, you can pan sere, bake, grill, or even smoke. It’s a hearty beef with a great flavor.

Today’s recipe is a simple pan cooked one.


Goose breast

Non stick cooking product

Yankee Rub (chef’s pick-Yankee Orange)

I would marinade this meat in a simple oil based marinade, just to break it down. There are tons out on the web, pick one that you’ll like…just for a couple of hours…but you don’t have to. It’s a choice. Spray your pan nice and place on med-high heat.

Take the breast and apply Yankee Rubs generously, making sure all of the fruit sticks in the meat.

Cook breasts until internal temp is 135′ or cooked the way you like it.

This is so good…OBTW, watch out for buck shot. I bit down on one and it wasn’t fun…but man is Goose so good!

Thank you Corey Spuck and the boys of the SUNY Canton Lax Team. GO ROOS!