Baked Chicken


In a hurry and need something quick and easy, well look no further. This recipe is so easy and your family will love it.

Chicken breast, thighs, wings , what ever you have on hand

Yankee Rub (they all work wonderful)

Bread crumbs or Panko (optional)

pre heat oven to 350

On a cookie sheet sprat the bottom or line the bottom with aluminum foil. Put down your chicken in even spaces. Apply rub to chicken(don’t forget to put the fallen fruit pieces back on the chicken)

Add some bread crumbs or panko on top to add a little crunch

Cook chicken for 25 mins or when the internal temp reaches 165′.

If your using Yankee Orange, or Yankee Cherry, or Yankee Blueberry or Yankee Peach…look at that wonderful glaze it makes.

Enjoy what’s different for dinner.