Beer Can Chicken


Easy and fun way to Grill or smoke a full roaster Chicken

1 can of beer (darker the better)

1 beer can chicken holder

olive oil

1 apple

1 small onion

1 small orange

Yankee Savory (chefs Recommendation)

1 5-6 lb full roaster chicken

Beer can chicken holders can be bought at your hard wear store, grilling store or similar. Start your grill for an indirect smoke and shoot for 250′. You may want to add some cherry wood chucks or apple for more flavor, so have them soaking in water for about 30 mins.

Spray beer can chicken holder with cooking oil. Take the beer and DRINK 1/2 of it(nothing goes to waste) take the tab off and poke holes around the top with a screw driver or similar to add more holes to the beer can top. Place beer can in holder. Place chicken, butt over the can, cut up into pieces the apple and oranges and onion and put into cavity of the chicken.

Rub a little olive oil on the entire chicken and sprinkle Yankee Rub all over the chicken.

Place entire chicken and holder and all over the section of your grill where there is no coals. You can also place an aluminum pan full of water in that spot if you choose too. This will create steam and help you cook. Don’t worry the coals won’t effect the pan…just use a disposable one anyways. Don’t forget to add your wood chunks, if you choose for an additional smoke flavor.

You’ll keep your temp at 250 and spritz the bird¬†every 1/2 hour with apple juice to keep the skin moist and tender(The best part)

In about 3-4 hours or when the internal temp of the bird reaches 165′ you are done….let rest for about 5 mins. and ENJOY the best chicken you’ll ever have.

Don’t eat the fruit…they were just for aromatics and help the bird cook from the inside along with the beer!