Deep Fried Wings


You want restaurant quality wings , well then you have come to the right spot. You’ll need a deep fryer.

Take your wings ,dredge them into your favorite batter (or not…your choice)

Deep fry for 12-15 minutes or when ever your wings hit 165′ internal temperature

In a bowl put 4-6 oz of your favorite Yankee Rub, Yankee Orange-Yankee Apple-Yankee Blueberry -Yankee Cherry-Yankee Peach all are so good!

put your favorite wing sauce along with the rub(or not)

toss wings until completely covered

Let sit for a minute so the fruit can turn to  fruit glaze all over your wings

OMG…you’ve never had wings like this before…anywhere.

I won’t have to tell you to enjoy this…because you will!