Smoked Turkey


OK…you want a kick butt Turkey recipe, well here you go! This requires a bunch of work but it’s worth it and your family will want it over and over again.

Brine (Alton Brown’s for Turkey)

1 cup Kosher salt

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 gallon of Veggie stock

1 tlbs Black pepper corns

1 1/2 tps All spice berries

1 1/2 tps candied ginger …chopped

Bring to boil and let simmer after boil, and let sit to room temp

you will need 1 gallon heavily iced water for later


1-2 sweet onions cut into pieces

1-2 apples cut into pieces

1-2 oranges cut into pieces

celery stalks chopped



Yankee Savory


Extra ingrediants

sprigs of rosemary and sage

you will need to mix minced garlic and butter together


If it’s a fresh turkey make sure you wash out top to bottom and even inside with warm water…take out the gizzards, pat dry

Put turkey in a clean container and add room temp brine and cover with iced water and ice. Let sit over night.


OK..we are ready to go! Set your grill for an indirect smoke or set up your smoker…have apple chunks ¬†soaking for a half and hour.

Take turkey out of the brine and pat dry. Put into a med. sized pan will create au jux!

Carefully separate the skin and the breast meat…take a handful of garlic butter and rub between meat and skin…don’t break the skin.After you got as much garlic butter into the breast meat, put sprigs of rosemary and sage in with the butter

Take aromatics and place inside the cavity. you don’t have to take the shin or peels off

Then rub olive oil all over the bird completely…and add a bunch of Yankee Savory until bird is covered.

Then your good…start to smoke your bird….keeping the temp at 250’…and every half and hour spritz with apple juice.

Now if your in a hurry you can smoke for 3 hours and finish the bird in your oven at 350′ until internal temp is 165′ in the deepest part of the bird.

A 30lb turkey took me 7-8 hours on my smoker…just an FYI

Depending on the size of the bird, will depend how long the cook will take…remember you only need 3 hours to smoke…the rest is just cooking

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OBTW….the soup this makes…OMG!!!!