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Wholesale Sales

The definition of wholesale is “the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others”. This is true but not the only way we can whole Yankee Rubs , Sauces and Mixes.  You can also wholesale to restaurants, food trucks, Pubs, sausage makers, or any food prep business.  You’ll start to see when wholesaling to people in the food industry that their imaginations open and they make the most wonderful dishes, why? Because Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes are unique and wonderful.

Wholesaling Techniques and questions:

  1. Can I wholesale to Restaurants, food trucks, Pubs, eateries?
  2. Can I wholesale to retail stores?
  3. Pricing wholesale
  4. What can you expect in wholesaling and reoccurring orders
  5. closing thoughts on wholesale


Question #1  Can I wholesale to Restaurants, Food Trucks, Pubs, Eateries ?

When it comes to wholesaling Yankee Rubs , Sauces and Mixes you’ll find out that these establishments will be a wonderful opportunity for you.

Did you know that Sweet Carol Swine in partnership with Windjammers Bar and Grill  Rochester, NY) took 2nd in the National Chicken Wing Contest in 2017 in Buffalo NY? It was won with Yankee Blueberry Rub along with Windjammer’s Blueberry Finishing Sauce, which both can be purchased  and sold here. Windjammer’s Bar and Grill has also dedicated a portion of their menu to Yankee Rub Wings…Thank you Selover family.

When these eateries taste the unique Fruit Finishing Sauces and Fruit Spices, watch the Chef’s-Cooks-Caterers or Food Business owners imaginations go.

For example:

*I have a Bar and Grill up here in Rochester who uses The Yankee Apple Rub to make wing Sauce. They make a Hot Apple Cajun Sauce for their wings.

*There’s another customer of mine here in Rochester that makes Fruit Fish fries.

*I have a food truck customer that makes Peach Pork Bellies, and Cherry Ribs

*I have a pizza shop owner that buys Yankee Cornbread Mixes and sells them by the slice.

*There’s a deli in Buffalo that uses all of the fruit rubs on her wraps and salads.

*I have a Caterer that sells Yankee Peach chicken and buys by the 6 lb bag

*There is a pop corn company who loves to sell Yankee Fruit Rub pop corn HOT!

*I have a restaurant who keeps all of the 3.5 oz. Yankee Fruit rubs on the tables for salad shakers and as a  condiment along with the mustard and ketchups

You see, when you introduce Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes to folks that make their living selling food, they love working with our products, because our products are that unique and special.

**So How do I approach and sell to a Restaurant – Food Truck- Pub -Caterer or any other business that makes and sells food for a living?**

Don’t be shy walking into, calling or texting these companies. These companies are always looking for new stuff to make and serve. Their job is to keep their customers happy and satisfied. What do you think “Specials” are. Most of the time eateries will use specials to make dishes for a few things.

1-The food distributor had a sale on an item that’s not on the menu

2-They are trying out new recipes

3-trying to sell items off for changes or discontinued foods on the menu

There are a whole bunch of reasons why eateries have specials but those are some of them. So now that you know that, go into an establishment confident that you have a shot.

Let’s take a Bar and Grill for example, let’s sell to a Windjammer’s Bar and Grill down on the beach and State park of Lake Ontario, a huge place to go with tons of park and beach goer’s.

The first thing I do is bring a sample kit of SCS Rubs and Sauces with me. It’s either before the kitchen’s open around 10 am. I’ll ask “Can I speak to the kitchen manager or the owner of the place” and usually someone is always there. Keep your sales pitch simple guys! A handshake, and smile and introduce yourself. I always say, I have a wonderful new Spice blend for you and I’d like to show it to you. More times then not these people are always interested in new items, but not all of the time.

Spices with Fruit pieces in them and watch their faces, it’s usually a look and an OK…Tell them exactly what you tell your vending customers:

1- a new and wonderful spice

2-The fruit pieces caramelizes when you cook with our products

3-We off Sweet ,Savory, and Hot spices

4-The sauces are fruit infused and have a nice kick with the red chili flakes in them

5- A 6lb Bulk Bag and a Gallon of Windjammer’s Finishing Sauce makes about 100 dozen wings but you can make any type of dish with our products


At this point I ask if they would like them to taste them on wings boneless or regular and more times then not they are dropping down a dozen.

When the hot plate of wings come out the first thing you do is ask what flavor, since you have six different sauces , let’s start with these flavors. The other SCS Rubs don’t have the matching sauces and can be tried as a dry rub wing.

Drizzle the sauce on one wing, then sprinkle a little of the matching Yankee Rub on it, let it sit for 30 secs to caramelize from the heat and taste! I like to pass some around to the staff, because these people know their customers better then anyone and yes the servers have to sell dishes! If they love the taste of Yankee Rubs and Sauces on wings, chicken, pork, fish then it’s easier to sell for them and the Bar and Grill will sell more food!

REMEMBER! When selling to eating establishments, we are in the business to help them sell more food!

Use this attitude going into your sales because folks that’s what this is.

Now they  are interested , so this is the point where you tell them we offer spice in large 6 lb bulk bags and sauces in 1 gallon or 24 oz bulk too. they wont be interest in the small bottles of Yankee Spice or Sauces.

If you don’t have a price sheet at this point, please make one. It’s real easy to price

**your price for the products x 35%(more or less , your choice)=Their price**

This is where you also need to include shipping so you can charge them shipping or not but keep that out of the pricing. SCS BBQ will do it’s very best to ship you the product as low as we can but make no mistake, somewhere in that price you give them has to be the shipping costs. This is a very reality of a cost of doing business and every business knows this. You can increase your profit percentage and tell them free shipping or you can add it to the sub total at the bottom of your purchase order.

In Final

This food business just purchased $300 worth of products from you, now ask them if they would like a radius of no sales. This insures their competitors aren’t getting the new spices and sauces, they know where they are, so if your new customer tell you 5 miles or don’t go to that guy, do what they say.

Question #2 “Can I Wholesale to Retail Stores?”

The answer is yes, but sometimes these sales go a little slower then a prepared food business but the sales are usually larger. Retail stores that include Grocery,  Novelty stores , camp grounds, spice shops, butchers, or any kind of retailer that sells items for profit, these are usually  long sales. What are long sales? Long Sales is exactly what that is. Just think about it, these people put items on a shelf and customers come in to shop, and the items are either purchased or not. Even though there’s no competitors for SCS Rubs, Sauces and Mixes, there are other types of rubs, usually bottles of salt.

The type of retail store matters a lot too. I have a customer who owns a Feed and Supply Store for farm animals, and he wanted some BBQ items in his store, to mix up his inventory selection in his store and support local a local company like SCS BBQ LLC. OK we get the good intensions, but really, would you buy spices in a Farm and Feed Store? How do you think sales are going in that type of store?

Large chain stores vs. large local stores? You might have and uncle or a close friend in a Large store, and they are a GM or in Merchandising, anyways you have a connection and you can make a killing because you got a product and it’s going to fly off the shelves and the reoccurring orders are going to keep coming in….ahhhhh no! The truth, most of those stores don’t care what they have. To them it’s another widget to put on the shelves, besides, all of the hoops you have to jump through, all of the liability and the responsibility of having products on demand…and how about getting paid? Do you really think these big stores will cut you a check on delivery…ahhh no. Get used to the term Net 30 or Net 60, we’ll get into that later on in the lesson, and you DON’T front product to anyone.

If you really want to get into retail stick with the small mom and pops or neighborhood stores. You’ll get a better response and better yet you’ll get paid right away. But you may have to do a little more work, like a “Tastings ” every now and then.

Tastings…Sometimes a retail store who buys from you will require a 2-3 hour tastings. Basically, you’re going to set up a table, usually in the front, with all of your sample products, and ask people if they would like to sample Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes? Bottom line, you are selling for them so they can buy more from you. It’s a fact of life folks. A simple you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. It’s fun and you get too interact with people, but your profits were given to you in that check, so if you want to continue a Good Faith relationship with that retail store, then you’ll have to dedicate a few hours a month , free of charge, to support and increase sales for your client.

We are not saying that you can’t sell to the big stores, but as a Direct Sales person, it’s more profitable to sell products to the local businesses.


Question #3 Pricing wholesaling, how do I go about this?

Ok this can get tricky so We’ll try and keep this as simple as we can. Because this is why we do this, to make money and not give our products or MONEY away.

**Make NO mistake these business are also in business and they too have to kick, scratch claw and yes sometimes steal to make profits***

This is business folks so just have a little knowledge behind you and you will go far. The one thing you need to know and follow and stick to:

**your prices are your prices**

If you’re working with a bar grill restaurant or a food selling business you will more then likely be working with the owners directly and they will have no problem buying from you at all! These guys are the food soldiers, working the kitchens doing what they do best, make awesome food and serve their customers.

Retail is this way until you get to the large retail stores where people are working 9-5 and could care less what they are selling.

**Business will buy from you or they won’t**

That simple! Don’t try and reinvent the wheel




So let’s go into getting paid!

Business has a few types of payment structures, direct payments or Net 30.

Direct payment is what we use at SCS BBQ LLC, you purchase products from us, you pay with a credit card and we send you products. Most companies do it this way, it’s cleaner and the business transaction is completed. these are the companies you want to deal with. A purchase-then a delivery and then payment. Simple! Now remember, you like us, have to purchase the materials first so you need to decide as The Direct Sales Marketer if you need payment first or after delivery. I’m sure we all have heard horror stories about companies making large orders and stiffing people on payment. The people that are stiffed usually are the ones stuck with the bill. SO DON’T BE THAT PERSON!

Business isn’t about being understanding or nice when it comes to ordering and payment, it’s about Business so everyone makes a little during the sales. That’s Free market and capitalism. You’ve heard the term “It’s only Business” and that’s the way you need to be. When you get an order a few things happen.

1-you have someone asking for something you have

2-you come up with an agreement of payment

3-You will get what they want and deliver it to them

4-They will pay for it (either up front or upon delivery)

5- both parties satisfied

This is business folks, everything else in between is a part of it, but just off shoots from above.

*You need to keep this mindset**

Now it’s up to you what business you’re dealing with. If they are big orders and you are uncomfortable purchasing large amounts of products and you are unsure if that business will stiff you for it or not, then ask for half down. This shows Good Faith and also Good Business.

Make a Purchase Order, take their order, if it requires half down have them cut you a check or a CC purchase and take that money. If you know the person or know that this company has a good reputation of paying bills, then take the order and make your purchase.

NET 30 or NET 60 or even NET 90

Fancy terms for Credit! You need to use your own judgment on whether you are going to wait until you get paid. I have 1 customer that I let use Net 30 , that is 30 days until i get paid! It’s a high volume fish and meat market here in Rochester NY and they order 4 times a year with big orders and on day 31 I have a check! Remember, I have to purchase the goods too, so I’m investing my hard earned money with the hopes and expectations that I’m going to make 35% on that order, and I do.

You need to ask yourselves, are you willing to do this? I do it for 1 customer only! If you are getting a song and dance act from companies then go to another company. Remember, they want to Buy or they don’t.

What is a good profit for wholesaling the food making businesses?

We call it COST PLUS and use 35% as your starting point

Let’s take for example:

You go to a Bar-Grill and they ordered 1 gallon of Windjammer’s Blueberry Finishing Sauce and a 6 lb Bulk bag of Yankee Blueberry Rub what do we charge them?

You know you are purchasing both of those products for :

$22.00 and $31.10 which comes too $53.10 your cost

$53.10 x 35% = $71.69 for the order.

you just made $18 and some change! Congratulations.

Now do you need to make 35%, no you can make what ever you want, more or less depending on what the volume its going to be, is the owner a friend or family? Maybe 30%, it’s all your call!

Here is the formula for figuring out the prices with Cost Plus

53.10 x 1.35= 71.69

Keep it that simple folks!

Don’t forget shipping either, you can either pass that cost on to your customer, maybe take on half or paid for it all…it’s totally up to you.

****Here’s a tip, charge a little more in percentages, use Cost plus 40% and use that extra 5% to cover shipping and call it free shipping. This is a good way to do business and keep all costs up front! ****

Wholesaling for Retail

OK, you have a neighborhood store that LOVES Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes and wants to carry the entire line of products!


Retail stores make their profits based on giving their customers a clean and safe place to shop. Sometimes these stores are specialty stores, or have themes, music, or whatever, but they all have something in common, They are in the market of selling stuff! They put items on the shelf and they let customers buy. That’s really what it comes down to. So what are the expectations of retail?



Retail stores need to almost make 50% or more. I have customers (farm markets) that automatically double the wholesale cost…DONE! They know their customers and so do you , really. When you go into a farm market what do you automatically think ?

Quality…that’s right. You know they don’t sell crap, so you as the customer know you’re going to pay a little more for that product. You have it in your mind that The Amish made it or The products were hand made and the maple syrup was just extracted yesterday from the maple trees down the road! That’s their advantage to sales.

So lets take an example of pricing to retail and yes we at SCS do the same thing:

traditionally we take Cost Plus at 35% and that’s it right? NO! When it comes to retail your Cost Plus is around 20% (plus or minus). That’s just the way it is. If you can get away with 35% then GO FOR IT but in reality this is how it works:

A retail Store wants to purchase a bottle of Yankee Apple 15 oz, let’s use that as an example!

$6.10 x suggested 20% =

6.10 x 1.20= 7.32

$7.32 is what the retail store will purchase that bottle from you for. Now are you making a profit? The answer is yes! but not at 35% or higher like in vending. So why bother, well that’s up to you. 20% is a good profit margin for selling to the sellers. they take on the selling and not you. They have the insurances, the rent , the utilities and payroll, not you. So now that 20% doesn’t look to bad now, right?

Maybe you have to go down a few points (% points) to make the sale, or maybe you can sell for more points, either way this is a good starting point for you to use.

The suggested Retail price for that one bottle of Yankee Apple rub now becomes $10.25

$7.32 x 1.40% = $10.25

Retail stores need to see 35% or more to make it. Depending on your location and who you are selling too, you can sell increase your profit points up to 25% as long as you don’t price that product out of the market.

The whole idea is for the retail store to sell out and order more from you…so don’t be greedy, take little profits and those little profits will grow into many orders and bigger profits.


Be smart, be fair and be honest! You will make money, just try and not make it all at once, those deals rarely come around, but be ready if it does!

***Remember there are shipping costs, either have your customers pay for shipping directly at a different cost or raise your points to cover shipping*** for any questions anytime!


Question #4  What can you expect in wholesaling and reoccurring orders?

In this section we will talk about your customer service to your customers.


Wholesaling to the food prep businesses are a little easier and more reoccurring to the retail. Remember you food prep businesses are using the products to sell more food, and the retail businesses are selling products on the shelves. It’s really common sense at this point. So what do you do.

I mean you’re vending and you got a couple of fundraisers going and now you need to check on your customers. Did you give them you card? Are they required to call on you? Well in some cases this works but in most it doesn’t. You know that saying out of site out of mind? Well retail stores are like that. Food Prep not so much!

Call on your customers once a month, ask for the person you’re dealing with. A simple call or text or even a visit…”Hey, how’s it going, can I place an order for you ? Simple communication and feed back and simple good service goes a long way. Don’t make it hard on your customers, and in time they will be calling on you for orders. THEY WILL trust me!

We have some caterer’s that we do business with and they are getting more accounts because the food is so much different and good, and they order from us once a month. Nice orders too.

For Retail it’s a little different, these guys will only purchase more orders when the shelves are getting low! Again, most retail stores are selling “widgets” and they don’t care what that “widget” is, as long as it’s moving and making them money. You’ll need to call on them once a month, sometimes every two months depending on sales. Again you maybe asked to do a Tastings or two, but that’s how we keep in the Retail business.

Keep a good list of your customers. Keep a track on when you called on them. God Customer Service is Good Customer Service…Be Friendly, Honest and not greedy!

Good Products-Good People


Closing #5 Our closing thoughts on wholesale Sales


Unlike any Direct Sales Company like Tastefully Simple, Avon, Pampered chef, etc you can sell our products to Retail Stores and Food Prep Businesses.

We aren’t a Giant Conglomerate making huge assembly lines in China someplace making Jars of crap. Sweet Carol swine BBQ LLC make unique and wonderful products by good people from an American Company.

Our products are made fresh and you and your customers will soon see that in the taste and freshness.

Again, you are the Boss and you keep the profits, not answering to anyone, or sharing the products with a “Manager”


Selling to Retail companies are good profits, you just need to know what you are doing, know how to do it and what to expect. We at SCS BBQ LLC knows this and wants to pass that information to you, our customers.

Wholesaling is a different world, you pretty much become the distributor so keep it simple and sell what you can.

It’s food, not rocket science! Just beware that there are mostly Good people, hard working people , just looking for an edge, a little something different to make or sell and WE know we have that product line!  But also keep in mind that are some not so good people, these people are finding other ways to make a buck. You’ll know right away. Don’t let it bother you, this is America and a Free Market. The good people will usually prevail in a Free Market environment  and the bad weed themselves out.

Remember when selling wholesale, keep your sales easy, make sure you’re getting paid and keep things on the up and up!

Don’t pay for Retail space


This practice is done in the big stores with the big companies. You know the stores I’m talking about . Some of these stores are charging THOUSDANDS of dollars to be on the shelves…that’s nuts! No matter what the price don’t pay it. There are other ways to help your clients with shelf space if they don’t have any.

Just email one of our support staff at and we have solutions for retail space for a potential retail store client.


Well we hope our lessons have helped you. Now it’s time to go out and make some money. We at sweet carol Swine BBQ LLC are committed to helping you at all times.

You’ll never walk alone selling Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes


Happy Selling

Vending Tips

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Vending is a great way to sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes. Vending requires you to make a set up, and sell where potential customers will be. There are many ways to vend as a sales person. There are Markets, (Farmer’s and Public), Festivals, Private Functions, home parties, Private sales at work, Hospitals, and so on.

I’m sure you all know what we are talking about, basically, where there are people that are shopping, and spending money, that’s where we need to be. A traditional Vending Set up requires a few things, but that depends where you might want to vend. There are some questions you need to ask before you start calling around and asking for a vending spot.

  1. What kind of event is this?
  2. How much does that spot cost?
  3. Is the spot inside or outside?
  4. Does the spot need insurance
  5. Does the spot have electricity?
  6. Does the spot generate traffic
  7. Does the spot follow Food Regulation Guide lines?
  8. Do I need to pay for that spot every week (Markets)
  9. Location
  10. Where do I find these events?
  11. Do I need a DBA?
  12. What is a good set up look like?
  13. How do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes?


So do you really need to know these questions before you sign up for a spot? The answer is yes. The reason why is that it all has to do with your bottom line. Just like the big companies think, the less we spend, the more we make”. This couldn’t be more accurate.

Question #1 “What kind of event is this?

This question needs to be answered before you ask any more questions. Is it a Craft Show, or a Farmers market? How about a Home party or a Private Party? Where is this event taking place and what kind of traffic will this location be? Is it an outdoor Festival or an indoor Flea Market? All of these kinds of events will make you money, but the bottom line is that there needs to be at least 50 customers or more to make it worthwhile. Remember you need customers and not promises, and yes these organizers will promise you the moon and the stars, so do your homework.

Question #2 “How much does that spot cost?”

This question should be the first question at all times. Spending big dollars on a spot effects your bottom line. Just keep in mind, a lot of organizations want their money up front before the event. Why, well there’s advertising, rent, fee, insurances, or anything like that that the organizer has to pay first to secure a vending event. Yes, even the organizer’s profit as well…these people do NOT do this stuff for free. Just keep in mind that renting a spot at an event needs to be made up in sales. So if you are spending $100 for a spot for the day, you had better make sure that there is going to be customers there so you can sell enough products to quickly make up for it.  ALSO, not all “expensive” spots are good spots. Use your commonsense, know what and where you’re going too, because we want to eliminate the mistakes, and yes you will make mistakes, but it’s ok!

Question #3 “Is the spot inside or outside”?

This is a big question that needs to be answer because it will affect your bottom line very quickly. The obvious answer is weather. Weather can make or break your sales event in a heartbeat. You could be signed up for the best event in your area, the cost is just right or maybe it’s a little pricy, either way weather is friend or foe. Does it really matter if you get a spot inside, you know don’t let the weather be a factor. YES, sometimes. I’ve been in situations where there were large crowds and at an indoor facility and the customers weren’t buying. I didn’t know for sure but I’m sure the freezing rain outside had a little something to do with it. Customers, when happy and having fun, spend money.

I’ve also heard of events charging BIG time dollars for their outdoor festival. Does it bring in a ton of people? YES they do, but remember, if you’re spending $1000 on a BIG time event and one rain storm or one wind storm can ruin everything for you. Then it’s no fun for anybody.

Look at the spot, where you’re located, are you on the end? Are you by the bathrooms? Is it a dead end? Use your common sense, ask the organizer where the good spots are. See if you can get close, usually time and repeating your visits to these events gives you a good standing with the Event Organizers.

Question #4 Does the spot need insurance?

Small Business insurance for vending is fairly inexpensive. You’re really not insuring bricks and mortar as you are liability. Some places require insurance and some places don’t. That’s it. There are insurance companies that will insure you for a day or two and the prices vary. We’ll talk about Business insurance later on in the Vending Sales Training as we go along. Shop around, my best way to find affordable insurance was through a broker, but you may know a better way. Remember, though the Event might not ask for insurance but ask you to sign a Hold Harmless contract, just remember, you need to be professional and take care of your surroundings. If you do get a COI (Certificate of Insurance) it’s probably the best way to keep you covered. Each Event has their own requirements, so check with your organizer and see what you need or don’t need.

Question #5 Does the spot have Electricity?

Depending on your needs you may or may not need electricity. Why do we need it? Well we all have cell phones and tablets and those tools we need for charge cards. We’ll get into charge cards later in set up. Also sampling. Sometimes you may or may not want to cook some sampling. Remember our products are food based and yes, sometimes cooking a pork chop on an induction cooker gets the smell going and customers buying. Or what about lighting or signage. Remember we are in sales. Anything to attract the customers to our table is necessary. Use what you know to get the customers over to taste Yankee Products. So if you need electricity that may or may not be a price charge, if it is it’s usually minimal. No more than $5 to use,

Question #6 Does the Spot Generate Traffic?

Location, location, location! This is always the rule. Just remember location means where the event is taking place. Craft shows, although they are fun to go, usually are held in a VFW someplace off the road and all you’re really going to get is friends and family of the vendors. Same as for Festivals and Markets. Use your common sense and look at their locations. Not all festivals and Markets have the best locations. They might be wonderful folks running them, but if there are NO CUSTMORS then there’s NO MONEY to be made. There’s nothing like taking 6-8 hours of your time and sitting looking at other vendors. Ask the questions. How many people come to this, ask other vendors, is this a good event, and LISTEN

Let’s say you just reserved a spot in an event that you know is good. Email or text the organizer and see if you can be put in “The Best Spot”. WHY NOT? If you don’t ask…right? Do everything you can to make yourself visible to your customers. If there is a lot of traffic, be ready to go to work. We’ll discuss how to sell later on.

Question #7 Does the spot follow Food Regulation Guide Lines (Sampling)

OK, this is a biggie, so don’t skim over this. Selling food products usually require having a tasting to the customers. What does this mean? Well simply put, prepping a piece of food that requires cooking or non-cooking.  Sampling Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes are usually part of what we do.  So you need to decide if you’re going to do some simple cooking or not at your sales events. When I do cook I use an induction cooker, they’re safe and they are electric. Also they only turn on when a metal pan is touching them. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT LOVES THIS. Simply, I’ll cook pork chops and cut them up into little bite size pieces, so when a potential customer comes along I’ll ask if they would like to sample and what spice would they like for me to put on the sample. This technique is very effective and sales are almost 100% after tasting. But in order to do this I need to know where I’ll be sampling.  A lot of “Public” Events require a Food Permit. Sampling prepared is almost the same as selling prepared food. You will need to check with your local counties and see what the requirements are to serve cooked samples. Some counties might want a Wash-rinse-Sanitize station as well as a cooking license, so check into your local requirements. Just remember, you’re sampling and using cooked canned chicken and cucumbers work very well and usually don’t need any kind of food permits, but always check to be sure. Food permits usually are an annual fee, and getting a permit for a county that you may not be working in all of the time might be cost ineffective. We’ll get into sampling later on in the sales tips.

Question #8 Do I need to pay for a spot weekly-monthly?

This is a great question. If you chose to sell at a market or a public event and you know it’s more than a onetime deal, there are a few things to think about.

1-is this market place always busy

2- Does this market place attract new customers?

3- Does this market place advertise?

4-what’s the reputation of this market place?

5-Hows the support from the staff to the vendors?

These are basic questions you need to ask yourself or ask other vendors. Remember, you’re there to make money, and not there to fill spots or be a decoration to make that market place attractive and full. So if you’ve done your research and know that this market place can generate customers week after week, and you know the staff is to help you , the vendors, then you should have all of the answers to make the right call. Sometimes contracts need to be signed and you might need a liability insurance of some kind or another.

Remember, this is sales and nothing is guaranteed, but you want to put yourself in a good spot to succeed. Also you’ll be with other vendors, who like you, are trying to succeed. Usually good people, go getters like us.

Question #9 Does location really matter?

YES, in most cases. Take a look at your events that you might be signing up for. If I had to choose between an event between a small craft show in the country or a home Show in the city, which one do you think there’s going to be more expendable money at? But is this the case all of the time? No, but most. Look at where the location is, and that will tell you everything. Again , home parties, Craft Shows in someone house, ask yourself, what is my customer base, is my surrounding fun, energetic, how’s the lighting, is there music…all things you need to look at mentally so you can succeed.

You want high volume, good traffic, different faces, good parking, all the things that you would want to succeed as a vendor. Will you chose the wrong vending event? Yes, you will, but remember the event, the location and keep the good ones and lose the bad ones.


Question #10 where do I find sales events?

Sales events are not that hard to find. Web sites like Craig’s list or even your local Penny saver or Community Bulletin Board is helpful. Markets, Public and Farmer’s, are always well known too. You know your area better than anyone so reach out to the Festival committees.  Here’s a great tip, sometimes I go to and put in your zip code to find out where their Reps are selling, usually in a Hospital setting where there are lots of people who buy, because of their busy schedules.

We promise you, once you start Vending, and they see what you are vending, you will be asked to go to their event. Our suggestion is to get a good calendar or Calendar App and keep track, because you are going to get busy. Below are some ideas to vend at:

  • Markets, public and Farmers ,Flea
  • Wineries-Breweries (look at their calendars for sales events)
  • Festivals
  • Private Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Fundraisers
  • Biker Clubs (Don’t laugh, these guys love our products)
  • Concerts
  • Town Events (Holiday parades- celebrations- etc.)
  • Fairs (State-County-Local)
  • Race Tracks
  • VFW (anything Veterans)
  • Firehouses (Caravels-Fundraisers-etc.)
  • Big Craft Shows


Sometimes its just as easy to “Google” events in your area then anything. State web sites, local chamber of commerce, etc.

Again, once they see that you’re selling Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes, you will be asked to vend. Just remember to follow the tips we are giving you. You want to make Money and not be a filler in a bad vending event.


Question #11 Do I need a DBA?

Doing Business As. This is what you’ll need to ask yourselves? There are certain advantages to having a DBA. Like writing off against your income, or getting into certain events that require insurances, or just as simple as keeping your vending income separate from your other funds, whatever the reason having a DBA will give you the pride of being a small business owner. I would just ask your accountant about acquiring a DBA vs just vending without it. Only you know what is best for you and your finical situation.

If you do want a DBA then head down to your County Building and ask where to acquire one. You will need to come up with a name of your new business and I believe it will cost around $30 depending on what part of the country you live in. So when you get your DBA then here are some tips to follow up on:

  • DBA (with your company name)
  • Business checking account (You’ll need your DBA and make sure it’s free)
  • Credit Card Reader (Credit Cards are almost used more than cash)
  • Smart phone or Tablet (down load the CC reader App)
  • Keep your receipts Tools-vending fees-supplies-products ALL WRITE OFFS
  • Insurance    shop around in case you need this

Now you’re ready for business. Again we advise you check in with a local accountant or a business owner to help you get started.

Good luck Small Business Owner!


Question #12 What does a Good Vending Set Up look like? WHAT DO I NEED TO SELL?

This is a great question because it really depends on the Sales event you’re going to attend. Sometimes all you’re going to need is a table, your product and your CC reader, but other times you’ll need a 10 x 10 tent , a table, your products, and bags, and so on.

Below is a couple of pictures displaying what kinds of set ups you’ll need.


[insert pics here]


It really comes down to where you’re selling, is it outside or inside? Do the events provide tables and chairs or electricity? Use your common sense before you go.

Basically you’ll need these to vend:

  • 6’ or 8’ Table
  • Table cloth
  • CC reader
  • Sample products open to sample
  • Chicken or cucumber or both
  • Products
  • Change
  • Extension cords is needed
  • Smile and GREAT attitude

These are your basic items to sell. Below we’ve listed a full list of items to bring on your sales events. Feel free to copy and use.


Sweet Carol Swine Direct Sales Item Check List


  • 10 X 10 TENT
  • 6 OR 8 FT TABLE
  • ENTENSION CHORD 50’-100’




  • YANKEE RUBS 3.5 AND 15 OZ.
  • Yankee Fruit Corn Bread Mixes


  • INDUCTION /COLEMAN COOKER (Depends if there’s electricity and if your cooking samples)






**Now you don’t have to cook at your sales events, that’s entirely up to you. Cooking does create a mood, a smell and for an extra $15 in chicken and pork and bacon, it will help you sell more. It creates an event and customers are always hungry and nosey***

**If you do go to event with the intensions of frying up a chicken breast or pork chop then get 2 small coolers, load them with ice, if you choose to have 1 cooler chicken always goes on the bottom. ***

***Also some counties want permits. If you have to get a permit to work the public market or a festival you want a sampling permit only. You’re not selling food. Also get the multi usage permit. These will usually cover the cost between months and not per event****




Before you start going crazy look at the event you’re doing. Is it a hospital event or church craft show? More than likely the tables and chairs are provided for you. Ask each vending event what your options are, then make your plan accordingly. You’ll all get your grooves on his. Make sure he car is packed the night before, believe me 5 am is early to start packing.


Question #13 How Do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes?

Since this is the Vending part of this lesson I will talk about selling as a Vendor. There are a few things that I noticed that work.

  • Have sample spices and sauces open to try, smell and look
  • Make a sample of Fruit Corn Bread
  • Greet people as they walk by

I know this all sounds pretty basic to some of you, but if you stick to these few samples, you will attract customers your table.

After my set up is completed as discussed above I want to open a few bottles of rub , some open bottles of sauce and some sample Corn bread mixes on the table.

When a customer walks by I’ll say “Hi how are you, would you like to sample a piece of Blueberry Corn Bread?

After watching their faces because they never heard of Blueberry Corn bread before, I say Help yourself.

This seems to be a nice Gateway into my pitch

“Welcome to my table, like my Corn Bread I offer Spices that are infused with fruit pieces as well as my sauces. We are the only Company in the country that manufactures spices with Fruit pieces. So when you’re cooking, Grilling, slow cooking, baking or even smoking the fruit pieces caramelizes to what you are cooking them with. We offer Sweet Spices, Savory Spices and Hot Spices, any of which you can try. We have chicken and cucumbers to taste them with”

This is where your customer will look intrigued or just walk on by. Most will be intrigued because they never heard of spices made with fruit pieces before.

At this point listen to your customer, let them ask questions, because everyone is looking to change dinner up a little and we have the how to do it.

Most people eat the proteins, Chicken, Fish, meat, etc. The spices work on all of those because they are spices! Look, I’ve had some customers use Yankee Apple on steak before, now I might think that sounds awful, but everyone’s tastes are different.

**Rubs are a combination of spices to enhance the flavor of what you are cooking**

Just remember, spice is wonderful no matter what you put it on. Everyone’s tastes are different.

“We also have Tons of recipes on the web site to help you cook with our special and one of a kind spice blends.”

Now it’s time to watch your customers. Watch their faces, their reactions, their moods, try and figure out what they want.

Ask them “What do you have cooking for dinner tonight, can we help?” More times then not people are looking for answers…give them some solutions. Cook-Grill-Smoke like a Yankee and let our Rubs, Sauces and mixes be the difference on what you and your family are having for dinner tonight.


I hope this section of Vending Helps you. If you have any questions, or even additions to this segment please email us at ,

Happy Vending

Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising is a great way to sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes, probably the easiest too. Fundraising to organizations requires you to reach out to potential groups or organizations that need fundraising, and let them know we have the tools that they need to make their financial goals.

Why is this the easiest? Well, you are now selling to The Sellers who need to make money for their cause. Organizations like schools, sports, churches, youth groups etc., are all looking for something different to sell, and really they need something that they can sell easy, so the orders come in and the profits are many.

Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes can give you the “ammo” to have a wonderful and successful fundraising event. Bottom line is always the bottom line and we can help these people reach their goals. Let’s now break this down and show you how this works:

Fundraising Techniques and questions:

  1. Who need fundraising?
  2. How do I reach out to potential clients?
  3. How do I meet with my clients?
  4. How do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes to my clients?
  5. Now that I’ve sold a program to a client, what do I do?
  6. How do I know if the Fundraising event went well?
  7. Why is Fundraising Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes a great way to make money?


Question #1 “Who needs Fundraising?

Organizations (Sports-Churches-Scouts-Schools-Clubs-Marching Bands ,etc.) any group that needs to make money for their cause or events.  Let’s take a HS Marching Band. When you look at a HS Marching Band what do you see? Players-instruments-props…what about a Hockey team, what do you see? Players-sticks-do they travel? How about a church youth group, what do you see? Kids-counselors-activities…anyways you get the point. These groups need money and making money as a whole is called a fundraiser. Fundraising for a cause usually is supported by the communities, families, friends, businesses of these groups. Each one of these groups needs revenue to do what they do and there are tons of Fundraising companies out there, trying to help these groups make money, and SCS BBQ LLC is one of these companies trying to help these groups reach their goals.

What makes are products special is that they are proprietary and there’s nothing like our products on the market. This gives us the Sales advantage because selling Spices and Sauces and Mixes is a lot easier then selling Candles or popcorn. We have no competition which also gives us the advantage and besides, where else can you purchase Spices made with fruit pieces? Which also gives us the advantage because people are intrigued and will purchase our products…let’s face it, we all are pretty good people and when someone comes to you to ask you to support their group, we in general usually do, so let’s use Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes for their items to sell and make 40%, give their clients something new, something special, something different.

There are plenty of web sites on the net that can help you look for Organizations or groups that need fundraising. Use your Search engines and look some of these sites up.

Question #2 “How do I reach out to my potential clients?”

This is important. Reaching out to potential clients is necessary and difficult sometimes. I mean there’s a saying, “Can’t put your billboard in the middle of the desert”. I mean, if nobody knows you’re offering a Fundraising service, then they won’t go to you for help.

There are different techniques for reaching out, phone calls, emails, texts, and letters. Any of these work but there’s nothing like person to person. It’s harder to say no or I’m not interested in person rather than deleting an email or ripping up a letter. This is sales, and there’s a lot of money that can be made in Fundraising, but the very best way is to try and set up an appointment and have a face to face meeting with that person. It’s always good to start with someone you know, then build on that first meeting.

Another good way to let people know is to hang a sign up that advertises that you also do fundraising, you just never know who will come to your table, and ask you about it.

If you do send emails, or a phone call, or send a letter, just follow up with your request. Ask if that person received your information. Let’s say you’re trying to reach the HS Marching Band Director and the school won’t let you in, leave a note with maybe a small gift like a coffee card, usually people are polite and will return your calls in kind.

Remember, the goal here is to get an appointment, sit down and just talk, once you have this, your chances just increased for a good Fundraising sale.


Question #3 “ How do I meet with my Clients”?

Congratulations, you got an appointment to meet with a potential client. Now what do you do? Well, it’s not so bad so let’s review a few things. Just keep in mind, when you are going to your appointment, you will probably be meeting with a committee of some kind. Usually groups or organizations that need a fundraiser has some kind of a Booster club, and that will involve a committee of officers. Now is it like this all of the time, no. But just be prepared there will be more than 1 person you’ll be meeting with.

What do you bring with you? Below is a small list of items you should be brining to be successful at your appointment:

  • Notebook or pad for notes
  • Sample Yankee products (maybe a cucumber to try on)
  • Sweet Carol Swine Fundraising Form and contract
  • Calculator
  • Anything else that you may need to sell a program

OK, now just have a good time. You know the Yankee Products are good and you know that once the committee’s or person of interest tastes the products you will have a sale. Deep breath and lets go, make that sale.

Question #4 How do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes to my clients?

In this chapter we’ll discover how to make that sale. You have three great weapons in your hands:

1-Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes

2-40% or more profits

3-Nothing on the market like these products

Go into your meetings knowing that with these 3 weapons, you’re ready to make the sale and they will meet their finical goals.

Take out some of your samples and show everyone the products, and if you have any cucumbers or chicken or even something like nuggets or chicken breast in a slow cooker, let everyone taste. Sprinkle a little spice or sauce on your samples. Maybe you made a pan of Yankee Fruit Cornbread, pass around some pieces of cornbread. The whole idea is to get everyone tasting the products, that way they can sell something that they really like, because with Yankee rubs, Sauces and Mixes, there something for everyone. Use your talking points while they are tasting:

1-Nothing like our products

2-wide range of recipes on the web site

3-Easy took with

4-something different for dinner for you and your family

5-Bottles last for a 2 years, but they won’t last on your spice rack that long

6-The sauces are all award winning

7-Easy to sell and great profits

Once everyone is in agreement to sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes now comes the fun part:

Ask them,” What is your finical goal”?

This is the very most important question, because it sets up the Fundraising Goal.

Some groups have Goals and some don’t, but you really need to come up with a Goal never the less. This helps everyone stay FOCUSED so all participants stay active in selling? Why is this so important?

***Because they are selling for you***

That’s why selling Fundraising Programs are less work and usually more profitable. You are selling to the sellers! You are getting profits too!

So let’s Begin


This is the magic number that all groups and Organizations are looking for.  And this should be the target goal. Fundraisers like Candy % points might be higher, but remember 50% of $1 is .50 and that’s a lot of candy bars to sell. 40% of $16 (15 oz. of Yankee Apple) =$ 6.40 per unit which gets your client to their goals much faster and easier.  Then you take that profit and divide it into their goal.

IF their goal is $5000

AND the Organization makes $6.40 per IE. Yankee Apple 15 oz.

THEN that the organization has to sell 782 units or 65.5 cases (Case=12 units)

That’s how it’s done!

So what’s your cut?

Let’s take that same example above:

The Organization wants to make $5000 and you know they have to sell 66 cases to make that goal:

IF The Organization sells 66 cases or 792 units

AND the Organization sell each unit for $16

THEN 40% = $6.40 (Organization’s profit

$6.10 for your product purchase

$16-$6.40= $9.60

$9.60 -$6.10 = $3.50 per unit (in this example) which comes out to $2772.00 your profit

You didn’t sell and they did, and your profits are nice!

That’s how it works folks.

**note shipping is not included**


SCS BBQ LLC has on the web site, under Fundraise, has pdf’s for the forms. It’s real simple how to sell, if you ever bought Girl Scout Cookies from a neighbor or friend and family, that’s how it works. Each member from the group will get a form with all of the products up for sale. That member will collect all monies and keep the form nice and legible. Order forms and monies will all be turned in to their designated person who will be in charge of this duty. That such person will fill out a FINAL ORDER FORM that will go to you so you know how much to order. (That form is on the web site also.) You will then go to that designated person, collect the final order form and the money, MINUS THE ORGANIZATIONS PROFIT, and make that order to us using the Member’s Site to place your order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to manufacture your orders because we make our order Fresh! Also allow time for delivery depending on where you live.

Also, making copies cost money. Tell your client they can either make copies at their own expense or you can do it for a fee. More time then not “Someone” has access to a copier and will make the copies, but in case they don’t , be ready to make copies for them.


SCS BBQ LLC has put recommended prices on the forms. You have the ability to change them if you want, or you can make them lower, or higher. Please run the numbers to make sure that the profits are good for both you and your client. 40% is usually the recommended percentage for a good profit for the clients, but it’s up to you if you want to make that percentage higher or lower. You know your client better then we do.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Motivating the Sellers

YOU CAN’T MAKE PEOPLE SELL! You need to know this. Unless you have a contract signed guarantees that they sell 100 cases, there’s really nothing you can do. Fundraising is getting a group to sell to make their goals, not yours. Your profits are based on what they sell because it’s up to them to make their goals.

So what can you do to help? You can make calls to the designated person(s) to see how it’s going. You can ask them if there’s anything you can do. What I like to do is offer little incentives like baked good or gas cards and try and motivate the motivators. It’s up to them to motivate especially if your clients are a school or a club. Now, if you’re a part of the fundraising, that changes everything. Maybe you’ll do a pie in the face for the top seller, or maybe a pizza party…remember, your profits are going to be good, so if it requires you to spend a little to make sales better, consider it!

There are also web sites on the net to help you do the right motivations to organizations to aid them in their fundraising activities. Just do a little research on the web, and come up with your own techniques. It’s a fun way to make a lot of money. Try for 1 fundraiser a month, and watch it take off and watch your bank account grow.


There is a simple contract that you can use . We will soon put it up. It’s nothing huge or binding BUT…it gives you and your client borders to work with. A simple start day and a finish day. This gives everyone rules. Pick one person to gather up the money and forms and work directly with that person. This keeps it clean and simple. Will you still make mistakes? Yup, nothing ever goes as planned. You’ll have someone turn in a late form, or maybe the count was wrong, or maybe the money was short or too much. Just be flexible at all times. Look, you got their business, and you want more of their business, and you want referrals, be nice, be flexible, work the challenges and have fun. Everybody wins on a good fundraiser.

Referrals…look, referrals are nice because nothing better then a happy customer giving you a name(s) because that’s one less name to look for. Maybe a little gift for a referral to that person. It can be anything like a $25 bonus or a dinner for 2 or what ever. Chances are that you’re going to make that up in the next sale.

Kick Off

So your fundraiser needs a kick off day. See if the organization is having a Kick Off party. If so, ask to be there. Maybe bring some Samples to pass out, IE. there was a marching band we did with about 70 members and they had a camp. I went to the store and bought a couple bags of chicken nuggets. I set up a little table with napkins and tooth picks along with a crock pot to keep the nuggets warm. I set up a few bottles of Yankee Rubs an Sauces so each member of the band, and their parents, could grab a nugget or two and try the different flavors. This got everyone off to a good start, because selling something you like and know is easier to sell.


Now that the fundraising is completed, all of the monies are collected as well as the forms. The organizer has given you their final order…now what?

If the orders are big, email and we’ll take care of the order. We will fin the very best and cheapest and safest way to ship your order right to you. Shipping is an evil but necessary business because shipping isn’t cheap. Most not if all organizations know shipping is a part of the cost. It will be up to you to decide if your customer is paying for shipping or you. Again we will find the best way to ship to you. As of right now all products will be shipped from Rochester, NY. most orders take about 1 week to produce, so keep that in mind when taking the final order from your customers. Just to keep it safe tell your customers that depending what part of the country you are from it may take 2-3 weeks total. Still not bad service, and you have our guarantee that we will do our very best to get you the best shipping prices an quickest turn around that we can possibly get.


Unless specified, SCS BBQ LLC will ship directly to you. You know what your clients need so it will be up to you to complete the sale. You can also email us for any help.

Bravo !


Question #6 How do I know the Fundraiser went well?

I like to call or email my clients to see if how things went? Did everyone meet their goals? How was the service? Would you recommend me to another client or can I use you as a referance?

You’ll know right away how things went. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Is there anything I can do differently? Take all of your answers and write them down, or keep a mental note. I like to keep files on each client so we know what we can do to either make it better the next time, or just keep track on how they sold. Remember, you are helping them! Anything you can do to make their experience easier is Great Customer Service.


Question #7 Why is Fundraising with Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes a Great way to make Money?

Because the products are unique, and they are good, and it’s proprietary. Remember, you will be the only one in your area that will be selling Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes. Fundraising gives you a chance to sell to a large groups as well as net work your products. When you get your techniques down, Fundraising will get easier to sell. Now just think, you tie that in with your Vending Sales, and possibly your Wholesales, you will have an awesome business .

Again, email us at for any questions or concerns because we want you to be successful in all of your fundraising endeavors!