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Sweet Cherry Goulash

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Here’s something different and so easy to make. Sweet cherry Goulash, and you family will love it….here’s what you need, now it’s a Goulash so you really can add in what you want, but this is the foundation:

2 lbs ground beef (80-20)

2 med onions

3 cloves minced garlic

2 15 oz. cans of tomato sauce

2 15 oz cans of dices tomatoes

6 tlbs Yankee Cherry Rub (you can use any other Yankee Rub)

2 tlbs soy sauce

2 tsp baking soda

1 lb elbow macaroni

3 bay leaves

OK…let’s start but browning the meat . Med to high heat and continue to break apart and brown evenly. Cut your onions the way you like…I like mine a little bigger but it really doesn’t matter. After draining the fat throw the onions and garlic in  and sauté for a bit, but not long. Throw the tomatoes in as well as the rub and the baking soda and soy sauce. Now…. the baking soda ….and it will foam, and that’s normal. It’s really neutralizing the acid levels, believe me you will love this trick. and then throw in what ever else you want, carrots, celery,mushrooms(Chef’s pick…right?) and then the bay leaves….let simmer . Have a big pot of water boiling and cook the macaroni. Drain mac and throw back into the big pot. Apply the sauce in parts and mix in evenly so everything is mixed in PERFECT!

Ahhh ENJOY LOL !!!


Thank you Kim Spuck for this yummy reciep


Pan Cooked Cube Steaks

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Fast and easy and so good guys. This reciepe was made up by a tired Grandma, who had a long day at work and had to feed her family “Something” for dinner LOL

Large frying pan melt  4-6 tlbs butter over med heat

Apply Yankee Rub of your choice( Yankee Blueberry was her choice) making sure all of the fruit was pushed into the steak.

Cook for 3-5 mins or sooner, depending how high your heat is, until browned



I tasted the cube steak the next day and OMG was that good

It doesn’t get any easier then that guys!


Thank you Linda Cook


Sweet Yankee Chili

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Sweet Yankee Chili
Here is a great recipe for a cold winter night’s dinner.
2 lbs 80/20 ground beef
2 cans red kidney Beans strained
2 cans light kidney beans strained
3 packages of your favorite chili mix
1 tsp baking soda
15 oz tomato sauce
15 oz petite diced tomatoes
6 tablespoons of your favorite Yankee Rub
We used Yankee Peach

Brown beef, when browned add tomatoes and baking soda and cook. After, add all ingredients to your favorite slow cooker and t slow cook for a couple of hours. You can add heat as needed but this is a sweet chili. Serve with shredded cheese and sour cream. Don’t forget about the bread and a cold beer… Enjoy

Thank you Kim Spuck


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Doesn’t matter if you want to grill your burgers or flat top them, you can always add life to your burgers with any of our Yankee Rubs.

3 tlbs. of any of our Yankee Rubs to every 1 lb. of ground beef

So go ahead and add some Yankee Apple, or maybe you want something Savory tonight. Our Yankee Savory is our non fruit rub where we call it our “sweet Heat” or our “Cajun light” .

So give some life to those burgers with Yankee Rubs and taste the difference. So no to boring burgers