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Fundraising Tips

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Fundraising is a great way to sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes, probably the easiest too. Fundraising to organizations requires you to reach out to potential groups or organizations that need fundraising, and let them know we have the tools that they need to make their financial goals.

Why is this the easiest? Well, you are now selling to The Sellers who need to make money for their cause. Organizations like schools, sports, churches, youth groups etc., are all looking for something different to sell, and really they need something that they can sell easy, so the orders come in and the profits are many.

Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes can give you the “ammo” to have a wonderful and successful fundraising event. Bottom line is always the bottom line and we can help these people reach their goals. Let’s now break this down and show you how this works:

Fundraising Techniques and questions:

  1. Who need fundraising?
  2. How do I reach out to potential clients?
  3. How do I meet with my clients?
  4. How do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes to my clients?
  5. Now that I’ve sold a program to a client, what do I do?
  6. How do I know if the Fundraising event went well?
  7. Why is Fundraising Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes a great way to make money?


Question #1 “Who needs Fundraising?

Organizations (Sports-Churches-Scouts-Schools-Clubs-Marching Bands ,etc.) any group that needs to make money for their cause or events.  Let’s take a HS Marching Band. When you look at a HS Marching Band what do you see? Players-instruments-props…what about a Hockey team, what do you see? Players-sticks-do they travel? How about a church youth group, what do you see? Kids-counselors-activities…anyways you get the point. These groups need money and making money as a whole is called a fundraiser. Fundraising for a cause usually is supported by the communities, families, friends, businesses of these groups. Each one of these groups needs revenue to do what they do and there are tons of Fundraising companies out there, trying to help these groups make money, and SCS BBQ LLC is one of these companies trying to help these groups reach their goals.

What makes are products special is that they are proprietary and there’s nothing like our products on the market. This gives us the Sales advantage because selling Spices and Sauces and Mixes is a lot easier then selling Candles or popcorn. We have no competition which also gives us the advantage and besides, where else can you purchase Spices made with fruit pieces? Which also gives us the advantage because people are intrigued and will purchase our products…let’s face it, we all are pretty good people and when someone comes to you to ask you to support their group, we in general usually do, so let’s use Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes for their items to sell and make 40%, give their clients something new, something special, something different.

There are plenty of web sites on the net that can help you look for Organizations or groups that need fundraising. Use your Search engines and look some of these sites up.

Question #2 “How do I reach out to my potential clients?”

This is important. Reaching out to potential clients is necessary and difficult sometimes. I mean there’s a saying, “Can’t put your billboard in the middle of the desert”. I mean, if nobody knows you’re offering a Fundraising service, then they won’t go to you for help.

There are different techniques for reaching out, phone calls, emails, texts, and letters. Any of these work but there’s nothing like person to person. It’s harder to say no or I’m not interested in person rather than deleting an email or ripping up a letter. This is sales, and there’s a lot of money that can be made in Fundraising, but the very best way is to try and set up an appointment and have a face to face meeting with that person. It’s always good to start with someone you know, then build on that first meeting.

Another good way to let people know is to hang a sign up that advertises that you also do fundraising, you just never know who will come to your table, and ask you about it.

If you do send emails, or a phone call, or send a letter, just follow up with your request. Ask if that person received your information. Let’s say you’re trying to reach the HS Marching Band Director and the school won’t let you in, leave a note with maybe a small gift like a coffee card, usually people are polite and will return your calls in kind.

Remember, the goal here is to get an appointment, sit down and just talk, once you have this, your chances just increased for a good Fundraising sale.


Question #3 “ How do I meet with my Clients”?

Congratulations, you got an appointment to meet with a potential client. Now what do you do? Well, it’s not so bad so let’s review a few things. Just keep in mind, when you are going to your appointment, you will probably be meeting with a committee of some kind. Usually groups or organizations that need a fundraiser has some kind of a Booster club, and that will involve a committee of officers. Now is it like this all of the time, no. But just be prepared there will be more than 1 person you’ll be meeting with.

What do you bring with you? Below is a small list of items you should be brining to be successful at your appointment:

  • Notebook or pad for notes
  • Sample Yankee products (maybe a cucumber to try on)
  • Sweet Carol Swine Fundraising Form and contract
  • Calculator
  • Anything else that you may need to sell a program

OK, now just have a good time. You know the Yankee Products are good and you know that once the committee’s or person of interest tastes the products you will have a sale. Deep breath and lets go, make that sale.

Question #4 How do I sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes to my clients?

In this chapter we’ll discover how to make that sale. You have three great weapons in your hands:

1-Yankee Rubs, Sauces, and Mixes

2-40% or more profits

3-Nothing on the market like these products

Go into your meetings knowing that with these 3 weapons, you’re ready to make the sale and they will meet their finical goals.

Take out some of your samples and show everyone the products, and if you have any cucumbers or chicken or even something like nuggets or chicken breast in a slow cooker, let everyone taste. Sprinkle a little spice or sauce on your samples. Maybe you made a pan of Yankee Fruit Cornbread, pass around some pieces of cornbread. The whole idea is to get everyone tasting the products, that way they can sell something that they really like, because with Yankee rubs, Sauces and Mixes, there something for everyone. Use your talking points while they are tasting:

1-Nothing like our products

2-wide range of recipes on the web site

3-Easy took with

4-something different for dinner for you and your family

5-Bottles last for a 2 years, but they won’t last on your spice rack that long

6-The sauces are all award winning

7-Easy to sell and great profits

Once everyone is in agreement to sell Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes now comes the fun part:

Ask them,” What is your finical goal”?

This is the very most important question, because it sets up the Fundraising Goal.

Some groups have Goals and some don’t, but you really need to come up with a Goal never the less. This helps everyone stay FOCUSED so all participants stay active in selling? Why is this so important?

***Because they are selling for you***

That’s why selling Fundraising Programs are less work and usually more profitable. You are selling to the sellers! You are getting profits too!

So let’s Begin


This is the magic number that all groups and Organizations are looking for.  And this should be the target goal. Fundraisers like Candy % points might be higher, but remember 50% of $1 is .50 and that’s a lot of candy bars to sell. 40% of $16 (15 oz. of Yankee Apple) =$ 6.40 per unit which gets your client to their goals much faster and easier.  Then you take that profit and divide it into their goal.

IF their goal is $5000

AND the Organization makes $6.40 per IE. Yankee Apple 15 oz.

THEN that the organization has to sell 782 units or 65.5 cases (Case=12 units)

That’s how it’s done!

So what’s your cut?

Let’s take that same example above:

The Organization wants to make $5000 and you know they have to sell 66 cases to make that goal:

IF The Organization sells 66 cases or 792 units

AND the Organization sell each unit for $16

THEN 40% = $6.40 (Organization’s profit

$6.10 for your product purchase

$16-$6.40= $9.60

$9.60 -$6.10 = $3.50 per unit (in this example) which comes out to $2772.00 your profit

You didn’t sell and they did, and your profits are nice!

That’s how it works folks.

**note shipping is not included**


SCS BBQ LLC has on the web site, under Fundraise, has pdf’s for the forms. It’s real simple how to sell, if you ever bought Girl Scout Cookies from a neighbor or friend and family, that’s how it works. Each member from the group will get a form with all of the products up for sale. That member will collect all monies and keep the form nice and legible. Order forms and monies will all be turned in to their designated person who will be in charge of this duty. That such person will fill out a FINAL ORDER FORM that will go to you so you know how much to order. (That form is on the web site also.) You will then go to that designated person, collect the final order form and the money, MINUS THE ORGANIZATIONS PROFIT, and make that order to us using the Member’s Site to place your order.  Please allow 1-2 weeks to manufacture your orders because we make our order Fresh! Also allow time for delivery depending on where you live.

Also, making copies cost money. Tell your client they can either make copies at their own expense or you can do it for a fee. More time then not “Someone” has access to a copier and will make the copies, but in case they don’t , be ready to make copies for them.


SCS BBQ LLC has put recommended prices on the forms. You have the ability to change them if you want, or you can make them lower, or higher. Please run the numbers to make sure that the profits are good for both you and your client. 40% is usually the recommended percentage for a good profit for the clients, but it’s up to you if you want to make that percentage higher or lower. You know your client better then we do.

If you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Motivating the Sellers

YOU CAN’T MAKE PEOPLE SELL! You need to know this. Unless you have a contract signed guarantees that they sell 100 cases, there’s really nothing you can do. Fundraising is getting a group to sell to make their goals, not yours. Your profits are based on what they sell because it’s up to them to make their goals.

So what can you do to help? You can make calls to the designated person(s) to see how it’s going. You can ask them if there’s anything you can do. What I like to do is offer little incentives like baked good or gas cards and try and motivate the motivators. It’s up to them to motivate especially if your clients are a school or a club. Now, if you’re a part of the fundraising, that changes everything. Maybe you’ll do a pie in the face for the top seller, or maybe a pizza party…remember, your profits are going to be good, so if it requires you to spend a little to make sales better, consider it!

There are also web sites on the net to help you do the right motivations to organizations to aid them in their fundraising activities. Just do a little research on the web, and come up with your own techniques. It’s a fun way to make a lot of money. Try for 1 fundraiser a month, and watch it take off and watch your bank account grow.


There is a simple contract that you can use . We will soon put it up. It’s nothing huge or binding BUT…it gives you and your client borders to work with. A simple start day and a finish day. This gives everyone rules. Pick one person to gather up the money and forms and work directly with that person. This keeps it clean and simple. Will you still make mistakes? Yup, nothing ever goes as planned. You’ll have someone turn in a late form, or maybe the count was wrong, or maybe the money was short or too much. Just be flexible at all times. Look, you got their business, and you want more of their business, and you want referrals, be nice, be flexible, work the challenges and have fun. Everybody wins on a good fundraiser.

Referrals…look, referrals are nice because nothing better then a happy customer giving you a name(s) because that’s one less name to look for. Maybe a little gift for a referral to that person. It can be anything like a $25 bonus or a dinner for 2 or what ever. Chances are that you’re going to make that up in the next sale.

Kick Off

So your fundraiser needs a kick off day. See if the organization is having a Kick Off party. If so, ask to be there. Maybe bring some Samples to pass out, IE. there was a marching band we did with about 70 members and they had a camp. I went to the store and bought a couple bags of chicken nuggets. I set up a little table with napkins and tooth picks along with a crock pot to keep the nuggets warm. I set up a few bottles of Yankee Rubs an Sauces so each member of the band, and their parents, could grab a nugget or two and try the different flavors. This got everyone off to a good start, because selling something you like and know is easier to sell.


Now that the fundraising is completed, all of the monies are collected as well as the forms. The organizer has given you their final order…now what?

If the orders are big, email and we’ll take care of the order. We will fin the very best and cheapest and safest way to ship your order right to you. Shipping is an evil but necessary business because shipping isn’t cheap. Most not if all organizations know shipping is a part of the cost. It will be up to you to decide if your customer is paying for shipping or you. Again we will find the best way to ship to you. As of right now all products will be shipped from Rochester, NY. most orders take about 1 week to produce, so keep that in mind when taking the final order from your customers. Just to keep it safe tell your customers that depending what part of the country you are from it may take 2-3 weeks total. Still not bad service, and you have our guarantee that we will do our very best to get you the best shipping prices an quickest turn around that we can possibly get.


Unless specified, SCS BBQ LLC will ship directly to you. You know what your clients need so it will be up to you to complete the sale. You can also email us for any help.

Bravo !


Question #6 How do I know the Fundraiser went well?

I like to call or email my clients to see if how things went? Did everyone meet their goals? How was the service? Would you recommend me to another client or can I use you as a referance?

You’ll know right away how things went. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Is there anything I can do differently? Take all of your answers and write them down, or keep a mental note. I like to keep files on each client so we know what we can do to either make it better the next time, or just keep track on how they sold. Remember, you are helping them! Anything you can do to make their experience easier is Great Customer Service.


Question #7 Why is Fundraising with Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes a Great way to make Money?

Because the products are unique, and they are good, and it’s proprietary. Remember, you will be the only one in your area that will be selling Yankee Rubs, Sauces and Mixes. Fundraising gives you a chance to sell to a large groups as well as net work your products. When you get your techniques down, Fundraising will get easier to sell. Now just think, you tie that in with your Vending Sales, and possibly your Wholesales, you will have an awesome business .

Again, email us at for any questions or concerns because we want you to be successful in all of your fundraising endeavors!


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An original and hand crafted hot sauce made by The Sweet Carol Swine BBQ crew. It’s a different type of hot sauce, a hot sauce that we call “Hot Sauce for adults.” Made with Panang Curry, three types of peppers and a little touch of North East honey, we promise that this hot sauce will be one of your favorites. Our hot sauce has a nice smoky flavor that won’t burn your internal organs. Add a little of this to your recipes and jazz up your food or drinks.
Just remember to shake the bottle before you use it, because there are absolutely no artificial preservatives in our handcrafted hot sauce.

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Blueberry is just not for pie any longer. This bold and sweet mixture of our special Northern spices combined with real blueberry pieces will jazz up any dish you can think of. As soon as you open the bottle, you know it’s blueberry. Like it’s cousin’s Yankee Peach, Yankee Cherry and Yankee Orange, the Blueberry melts on and around your creations creating this wonderful blueberry glaze. This bold flavor works outstanding on all proteins and fish and it really kicks things up with pork. How about some smoked ribs, or baked chops, or how about some burgers on the grill? After one taste of this your family and or judges will be craving for more. This will make any of your creations so good-so good-so good. Sprinkle a little on your french fries.

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If you’re not in the mood for sweet, and crave something savory, we have it right here. Our special Northern blend of savory spices will give any of your creations this wonderful taste of Cajun without all of the heat. We call it Cajun light. If you love the taste of rotisserie chicken or maybe a little zing to your tilapia, or just want a kick on your burgers, Yankee Savory will be that go-to spice you’ve been looking for.

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Our unique blends of Northern spices combined with real peaches creates a wonderful peach glaze. Excellent on all proteins, this sweet rub enhances your creation with peaches. Whether baked or grilled, the peaches just melt on and around your dishes and the aroma of peaches fill your kitchen. Grilled or baked, chicken or fish is a must. This certainly will be one of your family’s favorite as well, and it’s something different and delicious for dinner.

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Our unique blend of Northern spices combined with real orange pieces. How do we do it? Well we really can’t say, but we know there isn’t anything like this anywhere. You will be taken back, the minute you open the bottle and smell the sweet aroma of oranges. Like it’s cousins Yankee Peach and Yankee Cherry, the orange pieces melt as they are cooked and create this wonderful orange glaze. How about a baked or grilled duck for dinner? How well does that sound with our Yankee Orange? Excellent on all proteins and fish. I’m sure you’ll be the hit of any gathering when you explore the taste of orange, and again it’s something different for dinner.

Sprinkle a little on your salad or bake with tilapia.

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As soon as you open the bottle, the aroma of sweet cherries hits your nose and instantly takes you to a cherry orchard in full bloom. Our special blend of Northern spices combined with real sweet cherries is one of our top sellers. The cherries, like the peaches creates a wonderful glaze during your cooking experience. Whether baked or grilled, the wonderful aroma of sweet cherries warms any kitchen. Imagine baked or grilled salmon with our Northern spices and cherry blend will make everyone ask, “When do we eat”? Excellent on all proteins and fish as well, this will be one of your family’s favorite, and it’s something different for dinner.

Sprinkle a little on your popcorn.